List of Ministries

Arts and Media

Murray and Lisa Armstrong

Our arts and media lead enthusiastically by Murray and Lisa Armstrong is a powerful ministry that increases week by week. The worship that they are leading, supported by a strong team is outstanding. With constant training they equip new members to lead the church into the Glory. They are currently writing new songs as they look towards recording and releasing a CD. One of the lead singers is Daniel White from Vast Sea who has a CD available on this site and on iTunes. The clips and multimedia that we see each week from news, power point presentations and ministry trailers is very encouraging and all leads to an Ever Upward team. They meet twice weekly for prayer and music practice with the odd Saturday for media training.

We also have spontaneous and prophetic worship leaders, Daniel and Sarah from Vast Waters, who can do worship for conferences and other ministries.

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Pastoral Care

Ps Wendy

In Pastoral Care, our Church members enjoy fellowship with one another, and receive prayer support, encouragement, and direction through God's Word. As a family we look out for one another ensuing both spiritual and physical needs are met if you are lonely or in need please contact our pastoral care leaders.

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Breakthrough Prayer Ministry

Beth White

Our prayer ministry is aimed at connecting people back to Father God through the power of forgiveness. Our technique is based on helping people hear from God and build a stronger walk with the God head. For more information or appointments contact the church office.

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Ladies Ministry

Judy McCullock

Ladies need ladies so on Wednesday morning the ladies meet together round the word of God to have fun, fellowship a cupper and food. We also have a Friday-night dinner once a month at different ladies homes just to socialize. Social outings, going to the pictures and even a relaxing week end once a year. Wanting to know dates see our Google calendar linked to this website, also see events to find out where and time.

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Ever Upward Youth

Unavailable at this time.

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The Exodus Bar

Dallas and Stacey Holmes

VISION: To engage a negative social culture with a positive social presence and lead young people out of destructive cultural norms into purpose and wholeness. To challenge this culture and provide Hope by encouraging Truth, Faith and Virtue. Revolution!

MISSION: To engage our community of young people, and the young at heart, with relevance to promote and encourage positive alternatives to the ideals which breed negativity in their social environment. 

To achieve this we plan to establish and alcohol-free bar, venue and hostel in order to provide:

  • A bar to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks.
  • A staged Venue for all ages events: concerts, conferences, workshops, talent shows, youth groups.
  • A quality hostel for young travellers such as backpackers to help with the continual funding of the bar though with a specific focus on crisis accommodation.
  • Act as a referal service by partnering with particular agencies to direct and link young people to the appropriate services needed for the ongoing holistic health of the individuals.
  • "BE A LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS" for young people trying to find their way.

WHAT ARE WE DOING NOW? We are currently restoring a vintage caravan into a portable "bar on wheels"! This is stage 1, While the process has been slow, the end is drawing near and we are almost complete. Soon we will be ready to hit the road and begin to raise money so we can achieve our goals and to serve, talk with and pray for our community.


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Community Care

Ps Pat and Wendy Farelly

Through Community Care we reach out to the people of Orange with the love of Jesus in both spiritual and practical ways to meet needs, to provide support and prayer and to build relationships that will bring the kingdom of God to those who desire a better way of life. We partner with the Salvation Army in Orange for all emergencies. We provide a bus service and also are involved with Orange Food Care. We also run the Holy Ground cafe where coffee and treats are available.

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Kids Church

Ann Blair

Lead by Ann Blair, our kid's church is not a babysitting service but a place where our children are encouraged to get to know Jesus, learn to worship and are directed with biblical values. We run a program which is packed with fun. They learn memory verses, play games and hear stories from the bible which can be applied to the children's lives today. It is a 1 1/2 hour program that leaves children and leaders excited about what will happen next week. Kids church starts at 5 years of age and goes to Year 6. The children need to be signed in by a responsible adult at 10am and signed out at 11:30am. Our mums and bubs have an overflow room in the lower hall where the service is watched live on television and the toddlers can be cared for with no worries of disturbing the main congregation

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Church and Events Administration

Lisa Armstrong & Stacey Holmes

Our church office hours are 

Monday 9:30am - 2:30pm

Thursday 10am - 4:30pm

We have a lot of major events at Ever Upward and are always finishing off one event only to start on the next. We are always planning and vision casting to make sure we can carry the move of God.

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Missions Leader

Barry and Debbie Eltham

Barry and Debbie are strong mature Christians that have been serving The Lord for over 30 years. Debbie is committed to prayer for the nations while Barry is committed in taking a mission team over seas every year to see people saved, delivered and healed. Barry is an enthusiastic servant of God and believes for a great out pouring of The Spirit of God where ever he ministers, with signs and wonders following the preaching of the Gospel. If you would like to do a trip with Barry contact us at Ever Upward

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